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Photos: 「ムゼル・ノヴァ」と弦楽器(鍵盤楽器代用)「ツィター」

Photos: 【2048 x 1280 pixels 決定版】三位一体の歌巫女:ムジカ/ムジエ/ムゼル楽団 Photos: 音楽プロデューサー「ムジエ」主催の野外会場風景

「ムゼル・ノヴァ」と弦楽器(鍵盤楽器代用)「ツィター」Octavia the muse of Zither (Cithare)

The muse of triumvirate : Octavia and Zither 2

Until now, for about 35 years (37 years from the original SDC Southerncross ), no one has accurately drawn the instruments of the triumvirate muses.
Nobody draws "the muses and instruments" , so I can only lead the way , myself.

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